Terms and Conditions


E-Africa only offers returns if the item ordered was damaged upon delivery or where the wrong item has been delivered to you or scheduled for you to pick up at our office.

In the unlikely event that you receive the wrong item having ordered a particular item, E-Africa will endeavour to replace it with the original item or reimburse you in full. 

When picking up items at it office, please ensure to verify the content is what was ordered. If there is a mistake with the item pls hand over the incorrect item to back to the staff instantly.


Additional fees are fees from merchant required before an order will be fulfilled. The fees can be any of the following:

shipping fees from seller to our warehouse,

additional duties/ custom fees from the merchant to our warehouse

customization fees.


If you decide to have your items picked up from our office, you will be required to pick up the items or arrange for them to be picked up within a 14 day period of the items arrival at our office.

E-Africa may opt to deliver items which exceed the 14 day period at our office, at our sole discretion. This delivery will cost an additional charge to you. 

E-Africa will bear no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft to items which are not collected within the stated period. 

If there is any problem or difficulty picking up your items, kindly contact the customer care service for other option that will be available to you.